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Like My Daddy

And that wasn't even the only cool part of the song. You've got one of the best Birdman lines ever, his whole essence encapsulated, in "start to holler, dollar after dollar / flipping chickens, getting tickets / want the money and the power." You have, even outside of that apple crunching, an absolutely classic Wayne verse in the third verse in particular. It opens with "when I was 16 I bought my first Mercedes Benz / I must have fucked a thousand bitches and her girlriends" and then goes on to add, "big paper say good morning to the mailman / what you know about putting bricks in a spare, man / I can stuff a coupe like a motherfucking caravan." The hook made the phrase "stuntin' like my daddy" an idiom (as we were saying yesterday, one of Wayne's talents that makes him so integral to hip-hop and to our generation's understanding of the English language). And, while to this day I don't know what a chromed-out 1100 Yamaha motorcycle looks like, exactly, I know that it is a fucking awesome motorcycle due to: This is the best rap song ever made about motorcycles. Yup, Lil Wayne and Birdman made motorcycles, which are already objectively pretty badass, cooler than they'd ever been before, and I say this while wearing a Harley shirt that I got from my uncle, who was a Devil's Disciple.

Like My Daddy


The second release in the Acappella Children series, Like My Daddy is an enjoyable and powerful follow-up to the popular Drop in the Bucket, containing wonderful messages for children. When you hear the unwavering confidence in these young voices, it is clear why Jesus told his followers to have faith like a child.

A real gem! Loretta Lynn has always been one of country music's great singers, but on this album she transcends the often rigid boundaries of country music and lays down some great honky tonk, rock & roll tunes, as well as several convincing tear-swept ballads. "Trouble in Paradise," for one, is an amazingly melodic and gritty rocker that sounds like the lost song of the Stones' country catalogue, a perfect counterpart to "Dead Flowers" or "Torn & Frayed," and "I've Never Been This Far Before" perfectly evokes the anxiety of first love.

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I just signed a deal with a record company called Play It Again, which is owned by Dallas Davidson. He brought me this song -- it was, like, a week into signing -- and he goes, "Hey what do you think?"

I think this one here is really relatable, because people grow up saying, "I wanna do it like my daddy done it." I think once people hear the lyrics -- like I said, it doesn't say anything about music. It's just a song about real-life stuff.

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