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Colton Green
Colton Green

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So there I am, brand new Ducati DesertX with all the hard parts ordered from the slow boat in Italy with a Mexico trip paid for and planned in 2 days in order to make new years in Cabo. I Call Mosko and get a very attractive sounding and charming lady on the phone and she gets my 80L reckless kit out and throws in a jersey! say what? She digs me! Then wham! packages show up the next day, I spend about half the day bolting everything together and getting it settled on a bike that has zero racks or mounting locations and get it to fit, load all the bags, and hit the road with a slight taste of Loctite on my fingers. 3200 miles later it still has the ladies climbing over each other to take a look at my luggage. I heard from RTW paul that if you roll your bags in the dust it tends to help them astroglide all the way in a bit better in the hot sticky Mexican sun. So I gave it a try after my first hungover morning on the beach and it worked, I guess every set of new panniers will require a Baja break-in trip for the secret sauce of dry bag lewbz. The documents case worked wonders to hold the important bits of papers and insurance whilst keeping them in a tidy fold and clean for the policia to look over with disdain. The tent pole bag also is big enough to pack a small lightweight monopod for all the dramatic insta selfies, the smaller add-on bags work great for the camp kitchen and tools leaving the weight low and slow, and the double strappy flappy design on the top is rad for just cramming gloves, cerveza's, and stinky layers at a taco stand when it warms up and holding the wipes when the Mexican tap water hits bottom and the high speed get off is required, very fast and efficient, It even holds a gasbag very well for the no mans land of zero services and those with small tank syndrome. The bigger dual dry bags hold plenty to live off the bike in nomadic gringo style with plenty of room to spare for kilos worth of product to bring back to the states. Apparently, Oprah was in the building when molle panels were given out because every surface gets Molle! I was able to put my saw, first aid kit, tire kit, mani-pedi kit, and loofas all in molle pouches, thanks, Oprah. Last but not the least, the free sticker, I am torn as to where I should apply such a hallowed and revered gift of religious symbolism, I may just save it for my wedding day. Hey customer service gal, call me!

Wet and Reckless full movie free download



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