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Buy Metal Siding

Installing metal siding on your house will give your residential or commercial property a distinctive look that requires minimal maintenance. Over 100 colors to choose from. Buy steel siding panels directly from the manufacturer and save.

buy metal siding


R Panel is the nicest steel siding panel for the least amount of money. The main advantage of this steel siding is that there is no loss for the siding lap. The overall cost of this panel versus corrugated metal is 10%-20% less.

Picking out home siding is a big decision with a lot of choices. If you have your choices narrowed down to aluminum, steel, and vinyl siding, this article is going to help make your decision a little easier.

We have taken aluminum, steel, and vinyl siding, three of the most popular siding choices, and compiled their biggest strengths and weaknesses so that you can determine which is the best siding for your home. This article will go, in order, and explain the pros and cons of each siding option.

Are you installing metal siding on your home's exterior and debating if you should install your siding material vertically or horizontally? We go over the differences and benefits of these two steel panel installation methods.

From roofing to siding, the Multi-Purpose panel does it all. This is the panel that is used for the roof of many of our carport and garage kits, on wood-framed structures, and many commercial buildings. Looks great installed horizontally or vertically!

The aesthetic appeal of the modern barndominium embraces a modern and trendy take on rustic living. The most common structures are modeled after farm architecture, embracing metal and wood as the most common building materials. The base of the structure uses steel post-frame construction, which is perfect for metal panel roofing.

Building a barndominium as an economical choice for rural living is what initially started the trend of these dual-purpose structures. Metal Sales can provide high-quality metal roof panels at an affordable price that can be color-matched to existing agriculture buildings. Our exposed fastener panels provide the most cost-effective way to get a durable, eco-friendly barndominium roof. Choose from more than two-dozen panel styles, including ribbed, corrugated, low-profile, and crimped panels.

Building a barndominium as a stylistic choice for modern, trendy living is becoming increasingly popular. Metal Sales can provide premium quality concealed fastened panels for a modern design that aligns with designer barndominium trends. Homeowners will enjoy a seamless, high-end look with the same eco-friendly benefits of a traditional metal roof. Choose from eighteen different style options, including vertical seam, steel, aluminum, mini-batten, maxi-batten, clip-loc, box-batten, and more.

The siding of your barn home is traditionally wood or metal. Between the two, metal panels offer a more economical approach with improved fire safety performance to keep your home and your family safe. Your barndominium will fit right into rural America while still providing you with a custom barn home look and feel.

Building a metal barndominium can be a smart investment in economic living or a big style statement, depending on how you go about it. While some builders choose other materials like wood, there are a few notable benefits to erecting a metal barndominium, like:

Metal Sales is the largest manufacturer of prefabricated metal panels for walls and roofs. We offer a range of products in different sizes and styles to customize your barndominium build. Plus, our panels work either vertically or horizontally to provide you with maximum design control. Our metal panels work with a variety of substrates and come with impressive warranties.

Let us help you choose the right features and colors for your custom barndominium build. We specialize in quality metal panels that are visually attractive and cost-effective. Make the most out of your custom build opportunity by partnering with an industry leader in metal panels. We provide extensive resources and decades of expertise to help you choose the right materials.

ABC's high-quality, low-maintenance commercial metal roof and wall panels offer reliable performance without sacrificing building aesthetics or longevity. Our comprehensive portfolio, easy installation and design flexibility make ABC products ideal for a variety of commercial buildings. Contractors and builders can purchase commercial steel siding and roofing from our distributors in a variety of styles, profiles and colors to meet design and aesthetic specifications.

Typically, the sound generated from rain or hail on traditional shingles is comparable to that of a metal roof. Because metal roofing is installed over plywood, felt, synthetic underlayment or an existing roof, this interior barrier can actually decrease the level of sound.

Located in the suburbs of Montreal for over 20 years, MAC Metal Architectural is a recognized leader in the design and fabrication of premium pre-painted steel siding and roofing. It is renowned for design and highly resistant, maintenance-free products. Discover the wide range of contemporary colors. MAC products will enhance all of your residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Pre-painted metal that looks like old rusted tin roofing. 12 colors to choose from and available in roofing, siding, flat sheets, and coil. The look of an authentic rusted metal roof, but without all of the problems.

Why pay for an expensive copper roof ? Metal that has been pre-painted to look like patina'd copper is a growing favorite among architects and builders. Huge cost savings when compared to real copper. Available in metal roofing, siding, flat sheets, and coil.

Metal that has been pre-painted to look like old gray zinc roofing is a growing favorite among architects and builders. Huge cost savings when compared to real zinc. Available in metal roofing, siding, flat sheets, and coil.

VARI-Cool is a polychromatic paint system that will subtly shift colors depending upon the angle it's viewed from and the lighting conditions. Available in coil, flat sheets, metal roofing and siding.

Shop a wide variety of perforated Corten metal products in stock and have it shipped fast anywhere in the USA. We offer perforated Corten metal in a variety of gauges and material types in various perforation patterns.

Corten roofing and siding panels are the latest trend in architecture. The naturally oxidizing finish of Corten provides a beautiful color and texture. It is the ultimate no care product because no one ever has to paint or scrape rust.

Steelscape produces a kaleidoscope of vibrant metal colors ideal for metal roofing, siding, and other metal accessories. Steelscape supplies these metal colors direct to a broad network of leading metal product manufacturers.

With rapid prototyping capabilities and extensive color expertise, Steelscape can develop and manufacture custom metal designs specific to customer requirements. Ideal for metal roofing and siding applications and other metal products, including metal tile products, custom walk in coolers, and custom metal buildings.

ZINCALUME is a revolutionary metallic coated steel manufactured by Steelscape which provides unmatched durability and corrosion performance. Known by the trade name Galvalume, this coating consists of an optimized 55% AluminumZinc metallic coating over steel which offers up to a 60-year service life in exterior applications. ZINCALUME can be readily formed into a variety of end products and is commonly used as a material of choice for metal roof and wall products, enabling building designers to build once and roof once.

Vintage offers a warm, classic aged metal appearance. Its semi-translucent color allows for the character of the underneath metal to be visible, providing unparalleled depth and a distinct metallic sheen.

Steelscape offers a broad color palette of rustic finishes that capture the dynamic appeal of oxidized metal. These engaging finishes offer curb appeal without the performance issues of rusting metal.

These folks are the BEST hands down!! Was needing metal for dog kennel (ok palace) called on Monday was told should be ready on Friday had it ready for pick up WED!! Amazing super happy with product as well. Easy to deal with and excellent customer service.

I have purchased both roofing as well as siding multiple times from them. Their service as well as their products are first class. Special orders are not a problem either. Had them make me special snow defectors for over the vents in my house, came out perfect.

Our metal roofing offers superior energy efficiency, longevity and protection against the elements for your home, barn or commercial building. Metal roofs increase the value of your property and maintain their beauty and integrity.

We have a wide selection of roofing styles, colors, finishes and gauges for your home, business and agricultural metal roofing projects. We manufacture your panels to the exact lengths you need and turn your order around quickly. Our friendly team can provide expert advice to help with your metal roofing, siding or trim requirements. We are proud to be the Montana's premier manufacturer of metal roofing, siding and trim. 041b061a72


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