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the atsj use a variety of guidelines and procedures to ensure that work is not submitted to the journal more than one time. these guidelines help protect the quality of the journal and ensure that all work published is the most scientifically significant.

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since each journal is tailored to specific academic disciplines, a writer is encouraged to consider whether the article fits within the particular journals stated scope and purpose. if the scope of the journal is not clearly indicated, authors are encouraged to inquire about the scope of the journal at the time of submission. the atsj does not accept unsolicited submissions. should a journal wish to publish your work, they must first contact you directly by e-mail.

all manuscripts received will be thoroughly read by atsj staff members to determine whether it meets the criteria of atsj. manuscripts lacking sufficient originality, or being of poor standard, or being of little scientific merit will be rejected at first contact.

most printers today use something like lr (liquid resin) toner. the toner is loaded in the machine, you press a button and it is ready to go. it might take minutes or hours for the toner to dry, depending on the temperature of the room and how humid the room is. the fastest toner is the direct jet type. this kind of toner remains in liquid form while it is being fused onto the paper. fused together, these particles and paper create a solid object. it is like wrapping a ball of clay with paper to make a sculpture.

in a production environment, the amount of toner on each sheet is extremely important. a few hundred sheets may require 12-15 pounds (5.4-6.8 kg) of toner. a few thousand or million might require 100 to 250 tons (90-225 t), or more.


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