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[S11E17] Lockdown

Pamela and Yumiko walk down the stairs to leave the train station when numerous protestors swarm them, with April's father and mother leading the pack. Pamela says she shares their pain and promises to get to bottom of who was responsible for their loved ones' deaths. Mr. Martens says they know who did it and asks where she is hiding Sebastian. Over a public address system, Pamela tries to tell that it's not the truth, but the protestors aren't buying it. Yumiko steps forward and manages to talk everyone down as the guards force them all out. Pamela suspects that Connie is the one who wrote the article, but Yumiko says it would surprise her if she did. Pamela walks outside and into her ride as the protestors chant, "DOWN WITH THE MILTONS!" Pamela looks the windows conflicted as she talks on the radio ordering a lockdown.

[S11E17] Lockdown


Yumiko has a chat with Magna saying Pamela knows or at least suspects that Connie is behind the article, though Magna says there is no proof. Yumiko reveals she hasn't told Connie since she knows she won't back down from a fight. Yumiko tells Magna that she knows she of all people doesn't back down from a fight either and wants to ensure an exit for them if things go bad. Magna questions Yumiko wanting to stay behind which she answers she can't leave Tomi. Magna says if they have to go, they all go, including her and Tomi. Magna encourages her to keep her eyes peeled and help everyone they can. Yumiko jokingly calls Magna stubborn. Just then, an announcement is made that lockdown procedure is initiated. Many residents are seen running towards their homes, scared. Yumiko and Magna get up and leave. 041b061a72


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