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Where To Buy Iron On Labels

If you need a fast and foolproof way to add labels to garments, Starlight Labels has a solution for you! Our high-quality Iron-on kids' clothing labels are durable, so they won't fade or fray. We have tested them in high-temperature wash cycles to ensure that they stay secure and look vibrant on all your items.

where to buy iron on labels

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With so many uses for these handy, easy-to-use, iron on labels you will want to buy them in bulk. Whether it is for summer camp or the start of a new school year, for elderly parents in a senior living community or to identify property in any group situation, Starlight Labels are professionally printed with indelible ink and are guaranteed to stay on your clothing or your money back.

See the genuine feedback below. Easy to apply with a basic home iron on the Cotton/Linen setting. For delicate items like wool, you can use kitchen baking paper to protect the fabric. Do not use an ironng cloth or hanky as they stop the heat.

Tips for Ordering Your Labels:Type the Name as you want it printed i.e. in CAPITALS or Upper and Lower Case.Use the OPTIONAL 2nd line for additional text or information as needed (or leave it blank). We are happy to help with any requests for your labels, just use the comment box.If you like your label to be less bold, please request it. We aim to produce clear to read, bold labels.

Aiming to hold your hand from day care through to later life with all the fun bits in between like school, camp and college. We also specialize in labels for people with special needs, disabilities and care and nursing facilities.

The Care Home Label Company is operated by The Name Label Company. We are dedicated to supplying labels that are specialised for the Care and Nursing Home environment. All the labels in the range have been tried and tested in Care / Nursing Homes giving you peace of mind that they work! You can be directed to this dedicated site if you click on the image above.

Learn more about our extensive range of iron-on clothing labels below. Simply click on the name or image of the label you are interested in to access the proper product page, where you can view all the styles, colors, and fonts that are available, and place an order.

I have parents come to us and ask, why would you need Iron-On Clothing labels these days when you have Stick-On labels? The extra time needed to iron the labels on each clothing becomes leisure to all parents. Yes, we totally agree with you, then why LabelBubble still sells iron-On labels?

While the Stick-On labels work best on the clothing tags, Iron-On labels work more securely on fabrics in comparison to Stick-On labels. Therefore, you can iron the labels onto any flat surface of your clothes, like towels, socks, and mittens. When applying the Iron-On clothing labels, please put a pressing cloth (very thin piece of fabric) over the label for around 60 seconds.

As mentioned, if you wish to spend an extra CA$2 to CA$3, please do because it would save you at least 3,840 seconds (60 seconds x 64 labels). However, if you do want to label smaller items, like handkerchiefs, socks, etc, you can buy a set of Iron-On labels to make sure all items are labelled well. Note that Stick-On labels can still be applied onto the clothes itself, just that clothing tags are more recommended.

These labels are great and excellent value. They last on clothes much longer than any other labels I've tried. I was so glad when I could start ordering them again as I'd almost run out! Great customer service too!

No more sewing labels, no more endless markings with permanent marker or ink pad, no more long clothing labels that scratch, tickle or irritate. Create your own personalised name labels in a few clicks!

Our iron-on name labels are easy to apply to all types of clothing: t-shirts, jeans, trousers, jumpers, school uniforms, socks, etc. The iron-on name tag is applied directly to the garment. By marking clothes with your child's name, you can be sure that you will never again have to deal with lost or exchanged items.

Available in 45 background colours, our iron-on clothing labels are fully customisable with the option of incorporating one of 171 different illustrations and symbols and a choice of 11 fonts from the most classic to the most original.

Our custom iron-on clothing labels are made from soft polyester that permanently adheres to fabric. Ironing causes the label to stick to the clothing for a long time. You can wash, dry, and wear your garments without worrying about the label falling off.

A small piece of masking tape and a permanent marker can be used in a pinch to label clothes. Write the name on the tape and stick it onto the fabric. Cover the tape with a pressing cloth and heat with a dry iron for 10 to 15 seconds. The tape will eventually peel after several washings, but is a good short term solution.

People look at food labels for a variety of reasons. But whatever the reason, many consumers would like to know how to use this information more effectively and easily. The following label-reading skills are intended to make it easier for you to use the Nutrition Facts labels to make quick, informed food decisions to help you choose a healthy diet.

In the following Nutrition Facts label we have colored certain sections to help you focus on those areas that will be explained in detail. Note that these colored sections are not on the actual food labels of products you purchase.

Dietary fiber, vitamin D, calcium, iron ad potassium are nutrients on the label that Americans generally do not get the recommended amount of. They are identified as nutrients to get more of. Eating a diet high in dietary fiber can increase the frequency of bowel movements, lower blood glucose and cholesterol levels, and reduce calorie intake. Diets higher in vitamin D, calcium, iron, and potassium can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis, anemia, and high blood pressure.

Many Nutrition Facts labels on the market will be formatted in the same way as the lasagna label that has been used as an example throughout this page, but there are other formats of the label that food manufacturers are permitted to use. This final section will present two alternate formats: the dual-column label and the single-ingredient sugar label.

Whether they're going to school, daycare, kinder, nursery or on holidays, we have a label to suit every need. Our personalized kids labels help avoid mix-ups and the lost-and-found. Wherever your little ones go - daycare, school, camp, or sports practice - labeling their gear with name stickers and tags for kids keep it returning home.

Kids labels face a lot of wear and tear which is why our waterproof adhesive is the best available and remains sticky in the dishwasher, microwave, washing machine and dryer depending on the label requirements.

Our labels for kids also have an additional scratch resistant coating. This means that the kids labels maintain their color, sharpness and vibrancy over repeated use without scratching, fading or smudging. As our labels for kids stick and stay stuck on your belongings looking as bright and bold as the day you bought them.

The main focus of Stuck on You and the factor that separates us from our competitors is quality. Our label material is the very best we can source and custom made for us to deliver durability, sharp clear text, bold designs and vibrant color for your labels.

Using our product previewer makes ordering your labels easier than ever before. Select your labels from our range and add your or your child's name. Then have fun choosing colors, designs, fonts and optional icons to create your very own personalized labels before you buy online. Your labels and personalized products will appear as they have displayed for you on our website. Take your time selecting colors and fonts and designing your very own Name Labels & Stickers that will last for years to come.

Not just for kids or school, Stuck on You also have a selection of labels with more simple designs. You can choose a white background with clear, plain text in a range of colours. These are often preferred by older kids, parents and people in retirement homes and are made from the same quality materials as the entire Stuck on You Labels collection including clothing name labels, school labels, pantry labels, pet labels and the label value packs.

&#8594 Preschool aged kids might like our Designer Labels range for their cute shapes and fun designs.&#8594 School kids might like our Classic range, they can choose their colors and add an icon to personalize their labels online.&#8594 High school or older primary school kids usually like a more mature label, try our Basic Labels - where simplicity meets elegance.&#8594 Looking for Labels for grown-ups? Try our Basic Labels or funky Designer Labels. Basic Labels are a white label with your choice of text color and font, and Designer Labels were create by our talented design team to inspire kids and adults alike.

4. Iron on top of the label firmly for a few seconds to keep it straight and in place. Then, re-iron over the top, moving the iron around, for several more seconds and at the same time push down back and forth. MOST modern irons have a teflon coating and easily glide over the labels.

TIPS Kitchen Baking Paper helps if your iron is old and does not have a modern TEFLON base.An old iron can also make the label wrinkle or the ink smudge. TRY baking paper.NB Remember, do not use a tea towel or an ironing cloth as they stop the heat going through.

AUTOMATIC IRONS - are irons that do not have words COTTON or LINEN. They usually have a dial with numbers, eg 1 for low and 3 for high, or the words low to high. These type of irons are regulated by the manufacturers to a lower setting. They don't heat up enough to seal an iron on label. It will look sealed but may come off after a few washes because the initial heat wasn't high enough. 041b061a72


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