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Woolite Rug Stick Where To Buy [TOP]

Shake well.Before cleaning: Vacuum thoroughly to remove loose dirt. Always test for colorfastness on a clean, small, hidden area, and examine when dry. If color or texture is affected, do not use. Look for manufacturer's cleanability code tag. Use on fabrics coded "WS" if coded "X" or "S" do not use. Do not use on velvet, silk, leather, vinyl or cotton.How to use: For high traffic and large area carpet cleaning:Shake can well before and frequently during use.1. To apply, hold can upside down two feet from area. Depress button completely to spray an even layer.2. With a damp mop or sponge, spread foam into area. Continue to work into area until clean. For best cleaning results, spread foam in multiple directions.3. Let dry then vacuum. Drying time may vary due to humidity and length of carpet pile. For heavily soiled areas, repeat applications may be necessary.Keep children and pets away from newly cleaned area until thoroughly dry and vacuumed.For use with Woolite Rugstick.1. Move green lever on Rug Stick to position. Remove cap from can. Shake can well. Snap can into the foot of the Rug Stick.2. Move green lever on Rug Stick to position. With brush facing up, release foam by pulling Rug Stick toward you.3. Flip over the Rug Stick so brush is pointing down. Brush foam into carpet. For best cleaning results, use brush in multiple directions.After use, rinse stick and move green lever to position before storing. Let dry then vacuum.

woolite rug stick where to buy

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With the rug stick in place, you need to start by switching the green button on the lock position. This is an essential step as it will ensure that none of the cleaning solutions gets sprayed outside when you connect it to the rug stick.

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