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Gridiron Football 2.0 Script

Before BYU and Liberty University square off on the gridiron Saturday afternoon, the two Christian schools are coming together to collect children's books that will be donated to children and schools throughout central and southwest Virginia.

Gridiron Football 2.0 Script

The project is part of the BYU Alumni "Cougs Care" program to host pregame tailgates that incorporate service projects for local nonprofits at each away football game during the 2022 season. Similar service projects took place earlier this season when BYU played at USF and Oregon.

Probation officer Sean Porter (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and counselor, Malcolm Moore (Xzibit), organize a football team within a juvenile delinquent detention complex to help the inmates learn self-esteem and discipline. Although it gets off to a brutal beginning, the messages learned by the Gridiron Gang outweigh the violence in this based-on-a-true-story movie.

Remember the Titans tackles the racial tensions that erupted on a Virginia football squad during the early era of school desegregation. In Glory Road, players hit the hardwood with a historical tale of team camaraderie as black players are integrated into collegiate basketball.

Volume is king in fantasy football, and this report will help you understand which players are due more or less according to their roles. It is a great way to know who is overperforming (sell high) and underperforming (buy low) based on historical data tied to metrics we know drive volume.

Fortunately, the Ravens remain a run-first operation, which boosts the touch floor in a committee. Baltimore leans into the run game in trailing (+2), close (+3) and leading (+5) game scripts more than the NFL average and ranks No. 7 in non-overtime rushing attempts.

After toting the ball 15 and 13 times the last two weeks, Baltimore gets the Falcons in Week 16 in a matchup where the game script could provide Dobbins a chance to register season-highs in rushing attempts.

This is a far cry from last week's Chiefs-Chargers Thursday nighter but hey, it's still football. Both of these teams are coming off of rough Sundays; Cleveland forgot how to play defense against checks notes Present Day Joe Flacco and the Jets while Pittsburgh's offense is clearly still in search of its identity in the post-Ben Roethlisberger era. This line has moved two full points in Cleveland's direction since Sunday while the total is down 2.5 points. Pittsburgh's offense does look woeful, but trusting Jacoby Brissett to cover nearly six points on a short week -- even against a T.J. Watt-less defense -- is too much for me.

Woof. The Bears don't seem interested in finding out whether Justin Fields is the guy; 17 attempts in crazy weather conditions is forgivable. 11 attempts in a catch-up script when the weather was fine in Green Bay is less so. Meanwhile, Houston seems to be well-coached for the most part but is lacking the talent to be taken seriously. I like taking Houston when it's getting a lot of points, but three is a different story. I'll take the home side and hope that Chicago lets Justin Fields be Justin Fields (I can hear the groans in Chicago fans from here).

Every site has a fantasy football rankings column. None of them will be as charted up on a Thursday afternoon up as this one. I'll go position-by-position with the charts, matchup notes, film, and injury nuggets that I view as worth your time. 041b061a72


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