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Life of a Programmer

All of my projects completed in my years of being a college student have been described below. Some of them are interesting, some of them are very difficult.


Planning and formulation

The project was to create a relay network of regenerative repeaters from Earth to Mars and beyond (when the network from earth to mars is established). The task at hand was to figure out if 12 U cubesat will be ideal or not, certain editing was done such as adding a high speed antenna (NASA'S LISA-T),  avionics system (navigation, flight software) and other important components such as EMI/EMC, Radiation Shielding, etc. Being a network professional, my task was to figure out what networking technologies were to be used and to configure them. One of my major tasks was to handle the entire avionics system as well. I picked up sun sensors (NFSS 411) for navigation system as well as to use the Core Flight System software which was used for NASA's missions with flight heritage. Along with that, I was responsible for marketing our project during the biggest competition/exhibition in College of Engineering at Michigan State University, Design Day. I was the one to make QR Codes, Marketing Video, (click the button below, also accessible by clicking on More and then on SSCN Project on the homepage), Souviners such as thank you cards with the QR Code to the video on them as well as to make sure to sell all of those to as many people as possible. If  I had a week more, I would have developed an App with satellite design specs and information as well as visuals to interact with. I made sure that my team WON the first price on DESIGN DAY and we did.

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Voice Assistant

I created a speaking virtual assistant for my computer, Zeta, programmed in python which runs with my computer starting up and greets me by saying the date and time and asks me "what can I do for you today?". Zeta can play videos on you tube, watch a movie on Netflix, google something for me, access the documents and services on my computer, compose and send emails for me and much more. Please check out the code using my git repository link by clicking the button below.

Computer Sketch


Website made for someone special

I made a website for my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary as a gift from my end, the website has a video for them as well as a carausal of multiple options to view which includes their journey as a couple, our journey of gratitude as their children as well as a gallery with memories till now. The website opens with a song played by default which is their favorite song. It also includes quotes from them and their loved ones who are not with us anymore, and much much more! Please click on the button below if you are interested in checking it out.



Probability of Accuracy

I created a perceptron in python for a Neural Network which can predict truth tables of digital logic patterns of binary logics like (0,0,0), (1,0,0), (1,1,0) and can think and give 99% accurate solution of the logics based on that truth table as a personal project. Unfortunately, I had to change my computer due to malware issues and I had not uploaded the code of the perceptron to my git repository, but I can still share information about what a perceptron is and how it calculates the numbers. Please click on the link below to see the video which I saw to learn about perceptrons.

Image by Roman Synkevych


A savings management app

SpartEarn was developed with MIT App Inventor as a point-based savings management app identifying necessary versus unnecessary expenditures and providing users with quizzes to play to get money for expenditures that the app predicts to be unnecessary. Necessary expenditures were credit card bills, loans, buying a car or a house, hospital bills, etc. Getting a Twix from a vending machine would be an unnecessary expenditure. The user would be able to set a savings threshold per month and the app will let the user spend the money accordingly, if saved more than the threshold, the user would get points. Note that this app was selected for a very reputed exhibition at College of Engineering, Michigan State University, The Design Day, where only some of the best projects can be exhibited. The intention was just to make the app for academic purposes so it was never made available for the play store or app store however we did give it to 10 of our friends each and rated their reviews and they rated it 8 out of 10 on an average. This was an old project made using MIT App Inventor. It does not exist on App Store or Play Store as mentioned above. However, if you're interested in seeing the percentages of your earnings to save and to manage your wealth better, please click on the link below which we refered to when we did not know how to calcuate that percentage either.

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The one you are looking at

I made this website specifically so that my works speaks for itself and to give all the viewers the experience and the vivid image of who I am, without even knowing or meeting me, which a resume would not be able to describe. My purpose has been to be candid, honest, professional and welcoming to whoever views this website and wants to know me as a professional as well as a person.

Special message for you!
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