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>> Cisco Certified Network Professional
>> Full Stack Developer
>>  Freelance Web Developer
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Computer Engineering Student

Hi, this is Parshad Mashar. I am an international student at the College of Engineering, Michigan State University. I am a senior, I am 21 years old. I am obsessed with computer networks and information technology. I was certified as a Cisco Certified Network Associate at the age of 15 and a Cisco Certified Network Professional at the age of 16. I have attempted  Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert in 2019. I am decent with routing and switching, designing and configuring real physical network topologies in a lab, EIGRP, OSPF, RIP, OSPFv6, MPLS, DMVPN, mGRE, MPLSL3VPN, IPVRF, Spanning Tree, RapidPVST, MST, Multicast, basics of cybersecurity and firewall and a lot more. I learned Python 3 and C++ 17 as a student of Michigan State University, I prefer working in python. I also learned a lot about circuits and systems, microprocessors and digital systems, algorithms and data structures, signal processing, embedded CPS. I created a speaking virtual assistant for my computer, Zeta, programmed in python to run with my computer, access files, browse the internet for me, write my emails, and much more. I also created a mac address changer and an arp spoofer in python. If you are interested to know about all my projects, please click on the " MY PROJECTS" button below. If you want to know more about me apart from computer engineering, who I am, my other interests and qualifications, my skills apart from engineering, please click on the "ABOUT ME!" button below. Thank you.

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